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Air Force Enlisted and Officer Rank Banners. All Air Force Ranks Available

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This listing is for one Air Force Enlisted or Officer Rank Banner. This banner is perfect for Enlistments, Promotions or Retirements!! Banner Pennant is made with high quality blue glitter cardstock. Banner Lettering is made with high quality silver glitter cardstock. All USAF Enlisted and Officer Ranks are available. The end pieces of these banners will include the rank emblem for the rank of your choice. Item is Single Sided Banners come with an adequate amount of Silver Ribbon included. YOU have to string the banner yourself. If I string the banner, the ribbon tends to crease leaving the banner looking less than perfect! ** NOTE – Priority Shipping is now $23 which includes a $15 fee 24 hour turn around time on my end. My current processing time is 5-7 days before items are mailed. Priority Shipping will ensure your item is dropped at the post office within 24 hours of ordering and gets you Priority 1-3 day shipping with the USPS. Official USMC Hobbyist Number 18428 Official USAF License Number 2869 Official NAVY Hobbyist Number: HOB-NTLPO-TAGTH01