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Navy Interchangable Name Plate and Rank. Perfect Addition to any NAVY Desk Space! NAVY Promotion Gift

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This listing is for one NAVY Name Plate with Interchangable Rank Slot. This listing comes with THREE Pieces for the Rank Slot. I will include a rank of your choice, the next rank up AND a USN Anchor Emblem with your purchase. This listing is completely handmade by me using all raw materials. I cut and assemble every piece! Customization is always an option! NAME PLATE BASE INFO: Item base is approximately 11.5 inches long. Items base is wooden and contains two slots. One slot for an interchangable rank/emblem piece and another slot for an interchangable name plate. Both of these items can be changed out any time rank is made or a name is changed! The top of the base is made with a high quality finished Maple Hardwood. INTERCHANGABLE PLATE INFO: All Ranks and Emblem Pieces are made with clear, engraved acrylic. Will never smudge or fade! This listing comes with ONE Interchangable Name Plate Piece. Please leave name for piece in comments upon checkout. This listing comes with THREE Interchangable Rank/Rmblem pieces. If you look through any of my branch shop section you will see many different pieces that will all fit into this one base. The possibilities are endless! I am able to do custom engraved items for the interchangable pieces. If you would like a cusom engraved piece please send me a message.