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14th Comptroller Squadron - 7 Small Desk Plaques

Regular price $700.00

7 Small Plaques - $100 ea including shipping

Plaques will have 14th Comptroller Squadron Emblem on top, Engraved Acrylic piece with award winner info engraved. 

When squadron has award winner information - please email a Word or PDF document of award information to - after I have all information I will create a mock up of your plaque engraved portions and email them back to ensure all wording is correct before I engrave

Delivery Date of 20 January 2022

This item is made with a thick wood back and has the squadron emblem of your choice on the top. On the bottom we have an engraved piece of acrylic with your name or message sitting on four standoffs. This item does stand on it's own and is perfect for a desk or bookshelf!

Item measures approximately 8 inches wide and typically around 9.75 inches tall depending on your squadron emblem.