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USAF Confetti. AIR FORCE party table decor Promotion, Retirement, DD214, Enlistment.

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This USAF and Air Force Emblem confetti pieces are the cutest addition to any Air Force Themed gathering! Retirements, Promotions, Enlistments, Re-Enlistments or boot camp graduations! Contains: 50 one sided glittery confetti pieces. This will be a mix of emblems and USAF text Confetti is single sided I use the highest quality glitter cardstock I can find to ensure glitter sticks to the emblems and isn’t all over everything else. ** NOTE – Priority Shipping is now $23 which includes a $15 fee 24 hour turn around time on my end. My current processing time is 5-7 days before items are mailed. Priority Shipping will ensure your item is dropped at the post office within 24 hours of ordering and gets you Priority 1-3 day shipping with the USPS. Official USMC Hobbyist Number 18428 Official USAF License Number 2869 Official NAVY Hobbyist Number: HOB-NTLPO-TAGTH01